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"The balance of play and education is just perfect" - Rosie, Zara's mum.

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Aristocrats of Jazz

September, 2017

So recently we were interviewed and given the title Aristocrats of Jazz...By The Primrose Hill Magazine... The Full article is now available to read online here:…/aristocrats-of-jazz-emily-dankworth/

If you want to know all about one of our founders Emily C E Dankworth, that includes the people who have influenced and guided her, moulded her into who she is today, people who she works with now and loves to perform with.. then read on...

Interviewer: Jim Mulligan

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Ramsay Photography.

jazz toddler groups baby groups music kids parties

8 Excellent Things To Do WIth The Kids This Weekend.

October, 2017

This month we were featured in My Baba - a well renowned website that brings mothers and mothers-to-be together, in order to benefit from the best tips, advice and support.  CHECK OUT the article on the link below:

Editor: Lauren Hyland


russell brand jazz toddler groups baby groups music kids parties

Russell Brand joins us at Jingle Jam Music

November, 2017

In November we had the huge pleasure of sharing Jingle Jam Music with a friendly face! Here's what Russell Brand has to say about us ... "What a band! They'll elevate your children's party into a festival of coolness and art. There will still be sick everywhere and tantrums but the quality of jazz will distract you." - Russell Brand

russell brand jazz toddler groups baby groups music kids parties

One of our mums Flora and her mini santa...

November, 2017

Here's what we're up to in the run up to Christmas! Jingle Bells, Reindeer and Stories...

russell brand jazz toddler groups baby groups music kids parties

We wrote a blog for PACEY...

February, 2018

Check out our Blog on Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) Website entitled... 

Why Live Music is so Beneficial To Our Children - by Founder E Dankworth. 

An excerpt from the introduction... 

"My childhood memories growing up in the Dankworth family are fond ones. I remember our home being regularly filled with musicians and hearing the deep strings of a double bass being plucked from within my dad’s practice room.

Throughout my early years, having been brought up surrounded with Jazz music (with my grandparents being Dame Cleo Laine and Sir John Dankworth that’s about as good as you can get) and immersed in live music of all genres including choral, classical, and latin sounds, I can safely say this has positively influenced my adult-self in many ways."

russell brand jazz toddler groups baby groups music kids parties

Our Interactive Workshop at The Childcare Expo in Olympia London. 

March, 2018

We attended the Childcare Expo and gave an hour long interactive workshop on how to incorporate music into the Child's learning programme and it's benefits on development from an early age.

An excerpt from the introduction... 

"I want to open your eyes to the benefits of quality music for children, as professionals like myself believe in, and also let you in to why Jazz is such an appealing art form to indulge in from a very early age.

It’s clear that introducing music into a child’s learning programme is hugely beneficial to their development.

As we improvise in Jazz music, we are creating rhythms, exploring dynamics and pitch and forming melodies. As we do this in a creative shared environment, Jazz music is encouraging self-development and building our confidence. Listening to and playing Jazz music stimulates the mind, boosts creativity, relieves stress and enhances the ability to memorize.

We want to demonstrate how to use songs, sounds and stories to develop the child's social skills, language development, creativity and self-expression, both at home and in a nursery setting.

We will explore how to incorporate creative and stimulating music into their environment in order to fully gain from its cognitive and social benefits, using rhythms, dynamics, sounds and movement."